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About Us

Axis Art Gallery has been operational since 2019, but was born from expertise and experience in the art and design industry that stretches over 15 years. In a very competitive art industry, Axis Art Gallery is an exclusive boutique style gallery with carefully curated art pieces on the wall. We strive to promote innovation, craftsmanship and freedom of expression by selling only the best and most interesting contemporary art by world renowned South African and international artists.



noun: axis; plural noun: axes

  1. an imaginary line about which a body rotates. “the Earth revolves on its axis once every 24 hours” synonyms: centre line, vertical, horizontal “the earth revolves on its axis once every 24 hours”
    • GEOMETRY an imaginary straight line passing through the centre of a symmetrical solid, about which a plane figure can be conceived as rotating to generate the solid.
    • an imaginary line which divides something into equal or roughly equal halves, especially in the direction of its greatest length.
  2. MATHEMATICS a fixed reference line for the measurement of coordinates. “the variable that is thought of as a cause is placed on the horizontal axis, and the variable that is thought of as an effect on the vertical axis”
  3. a straight central part in a structure to which other parts are connected.
    • BOTANY the central column of an inflorescence or other growth. “the leaflets are arranged in rows on a slender axis”
    • ZOOLOGY the skull and backbone of a vertebrate animal.
  4. ANATOMY the second cervical vertebra, below the atlas at the top of the backbone.
  5. an agreement or alliance between two or more countries that forms a centre for an eventual larger grouping of nations. “the Anglo-American axis” synonyms: alliance, coalition, bloc, confederation, confederacy, union, league;
    • the alliance of Germany and Italy formed before and during the Second World War, later extended to include Japan and other countries. “the Axis Powers”

Axis Art Gallery. 125 Waterkant Street, Cape Town, South Africa

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